A highly effective solution for anyone suffering from drug and alcohol abuse or addiction. We bring the care to you. No extra charge. Whether it is a single therapy session, a comprehensive recovery program or sustained aftercare including random testing, we treat you in your own home. House calls and extended hours make life-saving treatment possible for clients with family or employment obligations, driving restrictions, physical challenges or privacy concerns.

Individual & Family Counseling


We are the ONLY 100% MOBILE service in San Diego , Orange and Los Angeles counties. No extra charge. Nights and weekends, too.

Oftentimes ordered by the court or DMV in cases involving DUI, divorce or child custody. We can help end your troubles - and the nightmare - for good by delivering the most accurate determination on the issue of substance abuse. Our assessments give you a voice in the legal process. They empower, educate and save you money. We offer appropriate recommendations for treatment in lieu of incarceration, when deemed necessary. In many cases we provide treatment ourselves. 100% SUCCESS RATE! Accepted nationwide.

Counseling, Intervention & Assessment Services

Treatment & Support For Individuals & Families Affected By Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse Assessments

A comprehensive substance abuse assessment can give you the evidence to secure a dismissal, a plea that is less severe than would otherwise be imposed by the court, or much needed treatment. A good assessment can pay for itself many times over by saving you money in legal fees.

100% SUCCESS! We Deliver the Results You Need

Interventions are used to get someone into treatment today. People are called together to participate in an intervention when the addict or alcoholic cannot grasp the seriousness of their situation. Usually they are facing death, divorce, jail, hospitalization or loss of parental rights. Interventions can prevent these outcomes when everything else has failed.​ We provide step-by-step preparation, treatment selection, facilitation of the intervention, and transportation.