Chemically dependent people live in a distorted reality. Rather than accept that they cannot control their drinking and drugging, they search for new ways to use the same chemicals while avoiding all the negative consequences. They are good people suffering from a bad disease which may kill them. The following information is provided to help answer your questions about substance abuse and addiction.

Counseling, Intervention & Assessment Services

Treatment & Support For Individuals & Families Affected By Substance Abuse

A Good Substance Abuse Assessment Can Help Win Your Legal Case

Participating in a formal substance abuse assessment tends to freak people out, because there is an awful lot riding on the outcome.

Addiction and "Brain Drain"

Are you powerless? What a question! Nobody wants to think of themselves as being incapable or inept.

Easing the Pain of Detox

Detox is the first step on the road to recovery from addiction. It begins the moment you quit using drugs and alcohol.

Helping a Chronic Substance Abuser Face Reality

If someone you love is chemically dependent, then the rules of the household are probably all shot to hell.

How Do You Know If You Have a Substance Use Disorder?

People might be of the opinion that you are an alcoholic, or you yourself might suspect you are addicted to chemicals. How do you know for sure?

How Do You Love Someone to Death?

Addiction never takes place in a vacuum. People know. Not everyone, but somebody knows... always.

Overcoming the Shame of Addiction

Whenever you talk about guilt and shame you strike at the dark heart of substance use disorder.

Recovery Lasts a Lifetime

Have you heard of the "pink cloud"?

Sample Boundaries Agreement

Setting boundaries by using a simple boundaries agreement is the best way to help an addict or alcoholic hit bottom.

Spice: Much Worse Than You Think

If you think that synthetic marijuana - also known as Spice, K2, fake weed and herbal incense - is all-natural, harmless, or flies under the radar...

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