Counseling, Intervention & Assessment Services

Treatment & Support For Individuals & Families Affected By Substance Abuse

of feeding wild wolves, soaring in a hot air balloon and learning how to throw a great right uppercut?


Rediscover you  purpose for living. Boost self-worth and motivation.


Break the relapse cycle. Reboot your recovery with a high intensity experience you won't find anywhere else.

Not using drugs and alcohol never felt so good!



The same tools and education as top-notch treatment centers.

Can the answer to RELAPSE really be 7-DAYS


Exciting activities immerse the senses in sober fun. Daily exercise includes private boxing instruction on the beach.

Not everyone can put life on hold for 30... 60... 90 days!

YOU CAN'T BEAT ACTIVITIES LIKE THESE for reawakening the senses.  Together with intensive one-on-one counseling, exercise and nutrition - delivered in a vacation setting - you can change your life while having the time of your life! There is nothing like it anywhere.

​Introducing seven days designed to reboot your recovery. It's a completely new way to experience individual counseling for substance use disorder:

Join us for a week that's all about you. NOT using alcohol and drugs never felt so good!
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Seven days and nights pampered in the paradise of Southern California. All-inclusive package means you pay for everything upfront and can focus 100% on recovery. May be eligible for partial insurance reimbursement.