So few people actually receive the treatment they need forchemical dependency. Why is that? For one thing, it costs thousands of dollars, and not everyone is fortunate enough to be covered by health insurance. Second, not everyone has the time. Oftentimes there are commitments to job and family that cannot be put aside, no matter what. Finally, some people are intimidated, unmotivated, or they disagree with having to go somewhere - even on an outpatient basis.

At Home Recovery Handbook is a self-guided, 28-day program that brings the treatment center experience to wherever it is most convenient for you. As with all topnotch treatment programs, it addresses the mental, spiritual, emotional and physical aspects of addiction, by offering the same caliber tools and education found at expensive brick and mortar rehab programs.

This one treatment program is effective for all drugs of abuse. Topics are grouped into four modules, specially designed to transition you through the recovery process. Each week begins a new module. Module I helps you to understand why you are not crazy, even while doing crazy things. Module II shows you how to build a strong foundation of support. Module III focuses on changing your unhealthy beliefs and behaviors. Module IV alerts you to the signs of relapse, and creates a specific plan to deal with them.

There is more. At Home Recovery Handbook includes valuable bonus chapters addressing the issues of nutrition and employment. Plus, there is vital information on codependency and enabling, boundaries and intervention for loved ones who are suffering.

​​​​"A very valuable book that benefits everyone."

~Dr. Corinne Williams, Founder National Association of Drug and Alcohol


AT HOME RECOVERY HANDBOOK:Recover From Alcohol and Drug Addiction in 28-days At Home!

by Keith Angelin, LAADC, CNMI

"People tell you 'Go to rehab' or 'Go to an A.A. meeting' as if going to some building makes everything all better. But addiction is not clean-cut like that. Insanity doesn't obey rules. It just wants to kill you."  --Author

Triumph Over Alcohol and Drug Addiction In 28-Days Without Spending a Single Night

Away From Home

Enjoy the same tools and education as expensive rehabs, for half the cost of a single therapy session! Regardless of your free-time, finances or faith in your ability to change, AT HOME RECOVERY HANDBOOK was developed especially for you.

The Perfect Tool For:

  • Alcoholics and addicts possessing the slightest motivation to change.

  • Professionals, students or anybody without the time or finances for a top-notch inpatient or outpatient treatment program.

  • Everyone predisposed to addiction.

  • Addiction treatment providers.

  • Chemical dependency treatment programs and harm reduction programs seeking a turnkey curriculum that captures and keeps a client's attention.

  • Counselors, physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, marriage family therapists, hospitals, insurance companies, sponsors...

There Is Nobody More Qualified to Teach You About Addiction and Recovery

KEITH ANGELIN, LAADC, CNMI is a  licensed therapist, interventionist and assessment specialist. In addition, he spent over twenty-years working with professional athletes and celebrities, and writing for magazines like GQ, Maxim and National Enquirer. Along the way, he learned the secret to turning technical topics into common sense. That was before a decade-long addiction left him bankrupt, homeless, divorced and dead on more than one occasion. His recovery was a miracle, fueling a passion to help others. Follow this program, and you will be a miracle, too.

Trust At Home Recovery Handbook
At Home Recovery Handbook is endorsed by the National Association of Drug and Alcohol Interventionists. The treatment program  has been used with great success by fellow sufferers at expensive rehabs. The difference between them and you, is they have the time and financial wherewithal to put life on hold,. You do not.​

Stop Suffering and Start Living
At Home Recovery Handbook has a style all its own. It is not just treatment, but a source of motivation, validation and renewal. That's because positive reinforcement is the most powerful force for change. Tragedy can, and will, lead to triumph.

Do you have  the slightest motivation to change? If so, then At Home Recovery Handbook can show you a sober, healthier and supremely happier way to live.


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